Michele Lomuto

REPERTOIRE --- Fabrizio de Rossi Re  - Nocturnalia (you are a tiger)

For saxophone and trombone. 1997.
First performance in Turin 9 18 1997 for Settembre Musica.

Nocturnalia is the third of my pieces inspired to the recipes of Marcus Gavius, named Apicius (25 B.C. -- ?), who's considered to be the gratest ancient expert in gastronomy. He dedicated his own life and personal real estate to the cult of cuisine and, in Seneca's opinion he committed suicide when he realized that his personal properties wouldn't let him keep his expansive culinary habits. I have imaged that during a Roman feast in honour of the Night, on the Tiber banks, after tue bull's sacrifice, someone played a music inspired to one of these recipes. The atmosphere is the same as in Coena Trimalcionis in Petronio's Satyricon.

The piece is dedicated to Michele Lomuto and Federico Mondelci.

(Fabrizio de Rossi Re)